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Almazan Kitchen Knife


The Almazan Kitchen Knife – Two styles to choose from. Bushcraft style or the Chef style.
Bushcraft style heavy blade for ‘wilderness skills, chopping, hacking, tracking & hunting’ – Blade Thickness: 5/32″
The build is what you expect from a Rugged, Adventure seeking, “Do it all”. This knife does not disappoint.
Chef style is thinner blade for ‘kitchen usage for slicing & dicing’ – Blade Thickness: 3/32″



The Almazan Kitchen Knife – Two styles to choose from. Bushcraft style or the Chef style.

Bushcraft style heavy blade for ‘wilderness skills, chopping, hacking, tracking & hunting’ – Blade Thickness: 5/32″
The build is what you expect from a Rugged, Adventure seeking, “Do it all”. This knife does not disappoint.

>The bushcraft edge is thicker, harder, and is more for non-cooking uses such as chopping thicker and denser items or use as a cleaver.

Chef style
is the thinner blade for ‘kitchen usage for slicing & dicing’ – Blade Thickness: 3/32″

>The angle of a chef knife is at a different angle so that it can be used for fine slicings such as onions and vegetables. The blade is thinner so that it can be lighter and maintain the thinner slices. The temper “hardness” of the edge is different so that it can be easily sharpened.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 12.0 × 10.0 × 2.0 in

23 reviews for Almazan Kitchen Knife

  1. Mark Wilson

    Received my knife this week. Came early and is exactly what I was expecting. Already chopped up everything in the kitchen now for the back yard !

  2. Laura A

    This knife seems to be pretty good for the price. It’s made pretty well. I like the way it cuts. I haven’t had it for very long, so I cant judge longevity, but it is great so far.

  3. JBNoler

    The knife cuts through meat as if it were butter. Great knife but the blade is heavier than I am use to.

  4. Tyler Loder

    So this knife is everything they say it is and more. It cuts through stuff like better, great balance and feel, and you can hack a rib in half and do fine chopping as well. I’m very impressed. Please see my review on YouTube for an up close look. You won’t be disappointed. This is knifemaking at its finest.

  5. loke96720

    Took a chance and ordered two of the bushcraft knives on 10/15/17. We received our package in about 3 weeks. Both knives are well made, as well as, each of the accompanying knife sheaths. The knife is solid and sharp (cut my thumb on the first use) — so far I have been using it everyday to prepare our meals and have not had to sharpen it yet. We liked everything about this knife so much that we ordered two more to give away as Christmas gifts!! If you are looking for a well made, sharp, heavy duty, reasonably priced, cool looking forged cleaver similar to the one used on the Almazan kitchen cooking videos — take a chance and order from this site. You will not be disappointed with their product!

  6. dhoenen

    The knife came sooner then expected. From ordering online to my door it took 9days (Netherlands). The knife is nicely crafted. I got the bushcraft version, which would explain why its not razor sharp (it is however sharp enough). The packaging was fine, a nice portion of grease on the knife and handle. I am a bit confused as why the knife came from Cordova Tennesee instead of Almazan Spain. Since both Spain and The Netherlands are in the EU I would think this would save some shipping cost (not the mention the huge ocean between the US and Europe). I am however quite sattisfied with the knive and will recommend this item to my frends and family.

  7. Grayson

    Great Chef knife that can be used for almost anything. Came packaged in a nice box. Very sharp with a good quality feel to the handle.

  8. Benjamin

    This knife is Superb! sharp Love the packaging it arrived in.
    Great product. Great price. Very pleased with this buy.
    Love this knife, I just ordered a 2nd one. Has a good weight to it and feels solid. Came nice and sharp in a nice box.

  9. Jacob

    Working out well, though I have not had a chance to sharpen it. I’m not sure it’s actually worth the $300 list price, though I’m certain it’s worth the $89 I paid for it. Not as weighty as I had hoped, but well-balanced.

  10. James

    “Holding a peach in one hand while using your new knife to slice it in half is obviously not recommended. No one will be surprised to learn that I cut myself badly. I was surprised how quickly this knife cut me very deeply. I presume it cuts food as fast.
    I will keep this in its box and will treat it with great respect.”

  11. Joseph Arlo

    The world has No 1 kitchen knife. The Best one we used. It is very needed, especially for Asian families.
    Great product and quality are as described. I would buy it again very well for the price.

  12. Pamela Gaddy

    This knife immediately got compliments from my friends – I tend to invite them over for dinner and make it while we chat.
    The weight is nice, the blade is sharp and sure, and the handle is very attractive. I have a dedicated slotted knife drawer, unfortunately – I’d rather have this beauty out all the time!

  13. richard19

    Ordered 2. One for a friend. Very nice knife. Solid handle, solid weight. Esthetically packaged and shipped with no damage. Very pleased to have taken a chance order. The ‘other guys’ knife was overpriced, but I’m glad I discovered ‘Almazan knives’. Great knife, don’t doubt it..order with confidence.

  14. Isaac Edward

    “This is a wonderful knife It feels good in your hand, well balanced, not too heavy, and cuts excellent very good knife, sharp, well balanced, quality.
    I would give it as a gift to family and friends” It cuts great. No problems. It is super sharp, so be careful.

  15. Anna Wallace

    I like cooking at home but would not consider myself an aspiring chef. That being said, I have some other knives that I have come across during the years.
    The knife is sharp, very well made and looks like it’s meant to last. I have been using the knife since the day it came in the and so far so, it’s holding up to the task very well.
    Just like with any other knife, if you want it to last, hand wash it and dry it with a towel.

  16. Delmer Norwood

    This is the best knife I’ve owned so far. It slices through potatoes and apples and grapes with no effort. It cuts sweet potatoes easily as well, though you do need to put in a little effort for that. It is so sharp I highly recommend this knife.

  17. Logan

    This knife is amazing. I’ve used it before and I think this knife is better than that. It is easy to handle and very sharp which makes chopping veggies so easy and so quick. I would recommend this knife to everyone.
    Nice box. Well made. Got a gift and they still rave about it.
    Nice weight and balance. Great deal!

  18. Harrison

    The blade is sharp, I cut the beef and potato, it is very easy to cut. The Handle is comfortable to hold and slide and chop. It came with a really nice package box, a good presentation. I like this chef knife.

  19. Michael Damron

    The material is a premium, a very sharp knife. I have used this knife for a couple of days, I cut super thin beef, used it for hard carrots, onions, it all works well. It’s not heavy in weight, the handle is comfortable. As far as durability and maintenance of the sharp blade, we’ll have to see. So far, it’s the best chef’s knife I’ve used at this price level.
    Just be careful when you are using this knife if’s very sharp.

  20. Charlie

    I cannot believe how well made of a knife this is for the price. I got this for my dad for Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it. He’s all about quality products and was very impressed with the craftsmanship. It is so sharp and can do just about anything in the kitchen. Slices through meat extremely well, can chop veggies and herbs with no issue, and is sharp enough to cut through a tomato with no problem. I’ll definitely be purchasing one for myself in the near future. This would be a great gift for just about everyone!

  21. Lucas Tommy

    “This is a fantastic knife because I used the single bevel knife on beef and it cut through smoothly and beautifully!
    Also, it can remove fish scales with ease.
    The handle is extremely solid and it’s weighted really well. Solid knife for the money.
    It is a great knife!

  22. Max

    This knife is fantastic, I make my own home made sourdough bread every week, and this knife easily goes through the loaf’s thick hard crust with minimal effort. It has perfect balance as well. To top it off, it’s great looking, too, with a beautiful wooden handle. Did I say this knife was sharp? VERY sharp 🙂

  23. Sebastian

    The packaging was indicative of quality. The product has a professional look and feels to it. The weight of the knife was adequate and it was “sharp” right out of the box. Replay a nice chef knife for the price!

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