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Custom Hand forged Stainless Steel Hunting knife with wood handle



Overall Length: 11.8  Inches,

Blade Length: 7 Inches,

Handle Length: 4.8 Inches,

Blade Steel: Stainless Steel,

Handle Material: Wood

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Searching for a cool hunting knife? Well, stop wasting your precious time because we have the best hunting knife for you. This beautiful Knife with Wood Handle is a set of Multi-Purpose knives designed to perform extremely well at many different Hunting and tracking tasks, on top of that this knife is durable and has a unique capability to perform well in extreme weather. We designed and developed this knife specially for our hard working customers. The stainless steel blade has excellent cutting qualities and is decorated along the top of the blade. The feature is a full tang stainless steel blade that is durable and well balanced. Precision-forged from a single piece of specially tempered stainless steel, each knife is engineered for outstanding strength and years of exceptional performance and designed by the experts of this field. The blade’s profile is a sharp razor. The Process of making a knife is usually more expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive than making a stamped knife. The Use of the Forging Process for a knife is to Ensure better quality, more comfortability, and efficiency to use. Their blades don’t tend to bend or go in unintended directions when cutting firm objects, like a stamped knife may do sometimes when you’re cutting a squash. Our Knives are made up of multiple metals which are fused together to create a single piece. The Strength of stainless steel is directly associated with its quality. Our stainless steel Knives blend some high-quality materials, and the forging process is meticulous to ensure that there are no voids, cracks, or risk of delamination while you’re working with the metal.

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9 reviews for Custom Hand forged Stainless Steel Hunting knife with wood handle

  1. Sheri Plank

    This knife is simply bad ass! I’ve used it several times camping & it’ll serve all sorts of purpose. It’ll help gut & portion out fish (big or small), chop firewood, kindling, brush & I even used it to cut a watermelon in half. I already want to buy another just to store it for when I wear this one out.

  2. Donald Wall

    Very impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of this knife and sheath! I am a big knife collector, and for the price of this baby, it absolutely can not be beaten! Almazan Knives, you can expect more business from me!

  3. Roxanne Lowe

    Great knife! It holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. I have used this knife excessively for making fires, and batoning firewood. I also walk my dog in a small wooded area every day and I always use this knife to cut, chop and split the wood of fallen limbs for making woodcraft items. The handle is very comfortable.

  4. James Gilford

    This is definitely one of those survival tools you want with you. I love the thickness, weight, feel the grip, and out-of-box sharpness of this thing. I sharpened it more with my own stone afterward to really get it where I wanted it, but I’m so happy with this. The money spent versus the quality of the product is great. I’d recommend this to knife enthusiasts, survivalists, woodsmen, and hunters alike. It’s awesome.

  5. Paul Broderick

    Awesome knife for the money! I took the knife camping this past weekend and used it for a variety of tasks around the campsite. It held its edge throughout the weekend. This is the second hunting knife I have purchased and I’m once again impressed with the quality.

  6. Donald Wall

    Was looking for a knife to use camping and hiking without worrying about messing it up. The blade came real sharp and with a few times on a leather belt would shave hair. This knife is just the right size and strong enough for my use plus it has a good sheath that secures it very tight and looks good and can be lashed to a backpack. The handle can be gripped in 3 or 4 different ways for chopping or slicing, does a great job of making feather sticks, and feels good. My favorite knife now and should last for years to come.

  7. Jeanette Young

    I bought this knife specifically for processing campfire wood and I’ve used it for many months now. I’ve really put it through the paces and am very impressed with how much abuse the knife will take while batoning wood. It has really held an edge nice as well. Great value for the money.

  8. Paul Broderick

    I got this knife today and im very happy with it. The knife is sharp and the handle is comfortable to hold. The case is excellent. I test it out with basic wood splitting, cutting, feather, and more. The knife still stay so sharp after all of that. I like how it feel so nice in my hand holding it without afraid of it slipping out

  9. Erica Casselman

    So, while searching for a new knife for my son I found this knife and decided to add it to my collection. Not that I need another one but it was a Christmas gift to me. I am really glad I got it. It looks a lot better in person. I thought I would need to sharpen it but the blade was the very sharp-poor little finger of mine. Blade, handle, sheath are all perfect.

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