Carbon Steel Serbian Style Chef knife with Wood handle



Overall Length: 12 Inches,

Blade Length: 7.5 Inches,

Handle Length: 4.5 Inches,

Blade Material: Carbon Steel,

Handle Material: Wood

Full Tang Blade With 3 Steel Pins


Carbon Steel Serbian Style Chef knife with a Wood handle. This Knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many different kitchen tasks. Suitable for Chefs cutting fruits, fish, meat and for professional cooking enthusiasts. The Feature is That Full Tang Carbon Steel Blade. This is durable and well-balanced. A great knife is an essential tool for every cook. Precision-forged from a single piece of specially tempered Carbon steel, Each knife is engineered for outstanding strength and years of exceptional performance. This knife has high-quality content to give excellent sharp skills. The wide Carbon steel blade is shaped. The shape of the Handle is so good and makes a comfortable grip. Size and Weight of Knife is Balanced so chefs can use it for chopping quickly

20 reviews for Carbon Steel Serbian Style Chef knife with Wood handle

  1. Ladybug5056

    This is the REAL THING. Sharpens to super sharp and STAYS sharp for a very long time. Right wight helps chop things with ease. You will forget regular knives forever. Be careful though. it’s extremely sharp. spend some time with it to get used to the new ways. The leather case gives a crude and robust look. I use it my home and plan to show it off when we go camping.

  2. JohnPeter

    The knife itself is amazing and works great. It is sharp and cuts through food as well as I had hoped it would. It is well packaged in an easy to wrap box, The edge is sharp and it cuts everything that I’ve used it on well. I love that the handle is part of the knife itself, making it full tang and removing the need to worry about grime getting between the handle and the blade.

  3. Jose Farias

    Bought it for my husband’s birthday and he loves it. He tested the sharpness when it arrived and he was pretty impressed. He’s used it a few times on food stuff and still impressed on how it cut! It’s the best knife we own.

  4. LinneaFlower365

    Impressive knife! Very durable and has a nice weight to do work. I love it. It comes with a protective shield as well. Nice packaging and has surpassed my expectations. It cuts nicely, with hardly any effort into raw meat.

  5. Cyrill Reaidy

    Very good quality, very sharp, small size, easy to carry. It’s easy to use for cutting fruits and meat. It feels good. It’s very comfortable to hold. It’s also very beautiful. I like the color. It’s easy to clean. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to use. I’m very satisfied with it.

  6. Dan Kollker

    This product is very good. The knife is also very sharp, good-looking, and easy to use. It’s a necessary item. It’s absolutely OK. There’s no mistake in buying it. It’s really good. It can be purchased. It’s recommended to my friends & family.

  7. Adriel Rosario

    I was looking for a chef knife to deal with different kinds of meat. It can easily remove the flesh from bones, cutting, and chopping. Besides, it is a good ergonomic and user-friendly item. When I use it, I didn’t feel pain in my hand and arm even after long use.

  8. Jon Chandler

    This knife is sharp, solid, and balanced. You can feel the quality of the steel is very good right out of the box. It has a good weight that makes you feel comfy when you are using it. The handle has an easy grip and I love the overall design of the knife. I bought a few knives before but this is one of the most satisfying purchases that I have made here.

  9. Erik Lauritsen

    It is heavy, well built, and cuts like butter. I bought it a while ago, but yesterday I chopped chicken with it myself(normally the task is outsourced to men of the family).
    I love it. It’s a beautiful knife. And it delivers a chop. The look is very handmade and adds to the personality.
    Get a thick resin chopping board to help this guy do your work.

  10. ShravanJain

    I love this knife! It is so sharp! I have used it for everything from slicing tomatoes to cutting up raw chicken. It is a beautiful knife It comes with a handy sheath to store it in. I find myself using it several days a week. Its not too heavy and feels comfortable in my hand. This is one of the best purchases I have made!

  11. Teresa Tillery

    Great knife! I’m really liking the knife I purchased. They each come in a nice fitted box and come with a nice plastic tip on the end of the knife that I will keep in place.

  12. Ralph Jordan

    Got this as a Christmas present for my brother who started cooking. He texted me a few days later about how much easier everything was with a good knife. This is perfect for any home chefs

  13. David Tuck

    Amazingly sharp and well-balanced good quality Serbian chef knife. Holds its sharpness for a long time. Great handle. Good balance. Sharp right out of the box. Comes with a cool leather sheath. Good steel.

  14. Arthur Breese

    This was a gift for someone else, however, I did have a chance to use it at a Christmas dinner. Very nice from the comfortable handle through the very sharp blade. And, it came in an impressive gift box. I am thinking of ordering one for my use.

  15. Ronnie rob

    This knife is made of high quality materials and feels very solid in the hand. It’s sharp and does the job well. Like others have said, it cuts through vegetables and meat with ease, and stays sharp. I’d definitely recommend this knife, especially at such a great price!

  16. Dustin Lewis

    Beautiful knife be careful very sharp but has successfully cut through skin fat and bone….I even use it for lighter jobs cheese deli meat etc…for the price it’s highly recommended

  17. Horace Maloney

    “Quality: solid and great,
    Sharpness : two inches steak just need one cut, also can used to cut the meat with rids
    Handle : comfortable to hold it
    Would recommend buying with such great price”

  18. Albert Cruz

    This is a great Chef Knife, especially for the money. The only difference you’ll notice is that its not as heavy as the expensive knives but I’ve seen no difference in function. This knife is extremely sharp and holds an edge. It has an excellent handle and form that feels good when used.

  19. Tim hoper

    For the price, this is an incredibly nice knife. The blade is medium-thin for the length, and it’s a lighter knife than you’d imagine because of it. It feels good in the hand, has good sharpness, and the wood handle is extremely nice. A great value.

  20. Stephanie Nelson

    I purchased this knife for my husband who always complains about our dull knives. We’ve tried sharpening stones and sticks and nothing seems to work. He LOVES this knife and uses it for everything. We’ve had it for a while now and it’s still super sharp. I’m planning on buying at least one more. It really is great!

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