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Almazan Kitchen Knife in Hand Forged Damascus Steel


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Same exact knife as our original Almazan Kitchen Knife but in Hand Forged Damascus Steel available in both Bushcraft 5/32″ thick Damascus blade or in the Chef model 3/32″ thick Damascus blade.


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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in

6 reviews for Almazan Kitchen Knife in Hand Forged Damascus Steel

  1. Fred Towns

    I just received both models of the Damascus steel models. The quality is amazing and the patterns on the steel are beautiful. They were packaged well and had a heavy coating of a thin grease on the knife. The sheath is also well made and excellent quality.
    The blade on both knives are somewhat sharp but will need a finish edge on them, which is ok so you can set the edge to your preference. I bought one for myself and my son and daughter who all love to cook. This knife is a excellent tool if you love to cook!

  2. Jason

    I just received the Damascus steel bushcraft knife in the mail. I ordered it on March 31st, in the middle of the night, just before Easter, and STILL received it today, April 13th! I wasn’t expecting it until the end of the month so to say it was a nice surprise is an understatement!

    With that being said, the knife is simply amazing. It’s practically a work of art. It is true folded steel as evidenced by the folds running the entire length of the blade and handle, and being able to be visualized on the back of the blade as running completely through the steel. The very first thing that ran through my mind was that this was similar to an old katana made in the old ways. It is wickedly sharp and the edge has the perfect angle. The handle is good and solid with zero movement. Some may find it a drawback, but the handle is not like glass smooth. It does have some, very slight texture to it. I personally would rather have some texture because it allows a good grip on the knife, and let me tell you, this thing is heavy. You want a good hold on it. I got the bushcraft version so I figured it’d be fairly hefty, but it was surprisingly chunky. This is great because it allows the knife to do the work rather than fighting a light knife to get it to cut. I’ve not held the chef version so I can’t compare. I’d assume it was fairly heavy as well because these are built to last several lifetimes. This thing is a tank! I’ve found no issues with slicing accurately or chopping in regard to the blade thickness.

    I cannot find one single thing to complain about aside from the fact that I didn’t order one of each size.

  3. kyle BENHAM

    This knife is so sick, razor sharp, and a great multi-purpose kitchen utensil made of top quality metal. I have the Damascus steel version and it is stunning. was not disappointed with my purchase at all. Must have for all kitchens

  4. P.calumaherrera

    I got mine yesterday. I recieved it much sooner than i expected. My wife and i love it. Insanely sharp and beautiful. Worth every cent. Everyone should have one.

  5. Jacob Grooms

    Just recieved the Damascus steel bushcraft knife today and I am beyond impressed. Beautiful pattern, RAZOR sharp, excellent weight, quality sheath, and it only took a week to arrive. I can’t say enough about this knife. I will definitely be ordering the Damascus steel chef knife next.

  6. Vladimir Drobot

    I got a knife today Chef model – Thinner blade 3/32″ for slicing and dicing “kitchen use”. The quality is very good. The cut is excellent. Fast delivery. I think to buy Chef model – 3/32″ thick Damascus blade. Thank you to the master. Good health and good luck to all.

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