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Almazan Hand Forged Carbon Steel TANTRA Chef Knife with Leather Sheath



Overall Length : 14″ inch
Blade Length: 9″ inch
Handle Length: 5″ inch
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Type: Tanto
Handle Material: Emerald Micarta
Full tang blade with Two Steel Pins


Almazan Hand Forged Carbon Steel TANTRA Chef Knife with Leather Sheath

Almazan Hand Forged Carbon Steel TANTRA Chef Knife with Leather Sheath

Overall Length: 14″ inch
Blade Length: 9″ inch
Handle Length: 5″ inch
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Type: Tanto
Handle Material: Emerald Micarta
Full-tang blade with Two Steel Pins

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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 2 in

21 reviews for Almazan Hand Forged Carbon Steel TANTRA Chef Knife with Leather Sheath

  1. David Hunter

    This knife looks so nice. It’s a great size for me to handle in the kitchen. One of the best knives that I have, works great. Simply I would say real sharp and made great.

  2. John Reed

    Top-quality, full tang knife, perfect for a Chef. Used my new knife and it cut like butter, great value for the money!! Seems like a great deal at the price.

  3. Rex Evangelista

    It’s an awesome knife I was able to break down a whole chicken with ease and cut lamb shanks with no problems. Feels perfect in the hand, me and my wife. Amazing edge on the blade. We take it camping and it’s been put through its test and it comes out with flying colors!! Can’t go wrong!

  4. Pauline Kilgore

    Great knife purchase! The sheath is sturdy, the handle is solid, and the weight is perfect for any job in a camping scenario.
    What a value, and will be buying several more of these for some friends

  5. Julia Tyler

    Good, solid knife and very sharp edge. The leather case was an especially nice touch. With proper care, this knife will last for many years.
    Nice quality and beautiful. Extremely happy with my purchase!

  6. Ernest Pritchard

    My husband LOVES his early Christmas presents!!! Very sharp, fits his hands for ease-of-use Makes food prep fast and easy, and is nice looking to boot!!

  7. Stacie John

    Love this knife. Feels great in the hand. I got one for me and one for my son. They hold a pretty good edge. Gutted and skinned my deer with my mine. That’s the Ultimate test of blade. I think it’s a good value for price.

  8. Dennis Morgan

    Seamless effortless meat cutting. Used it for a month so far. This knife is a miracle, could cut esp meat with no effort with so much ease. Love it and recommend it

  9. Chloe King

    Razor-sharp. Well-built knife. It is cute like a dream and holds a good edge. I’m not a professional chef, but even I know a good sharp knife is key. This is a very well-made chef’s knife. It will be an excellent workhorse. It is well worth the low cost. I highly recommend it.

  10. Eleanor Duffy

    Great knife! Super sharp and easy to use. This has become my new favorite in the kitchen.
    Awesome gift. Beautiful made

  11. Victor Francis

    I was impressed with this knife as soon as I opened it up. It’s extremely sharp, feels very durable and good in the hand, and personally, I like the weight. Not too much, but also feels very durable. Great gift, I’m sure, but this is definitely a product I feel necessary in my own personal go-to gear.

  12. Jeffrey Jones

    Beautiful knife and decently sharp right out of the box. As a woodworker who uses hand tools, I am a little obsessive about getting a super sharp polished edge on my blades and never expect any knife to arrive optimally sharpened.

  13. Imogene Mitchell

    A great balanced knife! It keeps an edge as well. I’ve used this knife for everything to see how long the edge lasts, and haven’t had to sharpen it yet after 2 months. Good quality knife in a high-quality, leather case.

  14. Michael Edmonds

    This knife is perfect for cutting right through chicken thighs. The blade is very sharp from the factory. The leather sheath is of high quality and I would highly recommend this knife to my friends.

  15. Kevin Stringfellow

    Great all-around knife. I use it in the kitchen for everything. Nice edge…very sharp and seems to be retaining the sharp edge. I’d definitely buy it again.

  16. Willie Montenegro

    This is a great addition for someone looking for a meat trimmer and dicer. I primarily use it to trim the fat off of beef or pork roasts and chicken. Works well because it is super sharp and the heavy blade makes it easy to slice through tough meats.

  17. Julia Haley

    This knife is great. The blade is extremely thick, heavy, and strong. The wooden handles are tight and durable on the full-tang blade. The knife looks fantastic. It works well, chops and cuts with equal effectiveness. Highly recommended

  18. Vicki Moore

    I use the knife mostly on vegetables, sometimes to cut raw meat with bones and I have to say, I love everything about it, from its cool looks to the sharpness. Highly recommended.

  19. Forrest Hofmeister

    Great knife! Looks cool but even cuts better. Love the hole design in the blade itself. Gives a better feel and balance when cutting. I’ve used this knife about 5 times since I’ve had it and it still has the same sharpness. I used it to cut the bones out of the ribs before smoking, cut up bacon before cooking, and worked creating cutting my “grown man” sandwich before eating. You will be impressed and not disappointed with this knife.

  20. Frank Howell

    I have bigger hands so it’s actually the perfect size for most kitchen uses just veggie chopping or bigger tasks. The handle was perfectly balanced very well and I get comments on it every time I use it. Great for everyday use. Would recommend!

  21. Mathew Stewart

    I bought this knife for my brother’s birthday in December 2020. He loves it says it’s well balanced and super sharp and cuts through thick meat pretty well. Going to buy myself one since all my other chopping knives are all dull.

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