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Almazan Custom Ox Horn Hand Forged Damascus Steel Frame Lock Folding Knife



Overall size:            8.5 Inch
Blade size:               4 Inch
Handle size:            4.5 Inch
Folding Size:           4.5 Inch
Blade Pattern:         Twist
Bolster Material:     Damascus
Blade Material:        Damascus Steel
Handle Material:      Black Horn / Brass Stud
Pins:                         One Mosaic  and Four Brass


Almazan Custom Ox Horn Hand Forged Damascus Steel Frame Lock Folding Knife. We give you the knife you want of your own choice. Our Knives are comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at. This knife is commonly used by hunters or survival to prepare their food in a wildlife mood. These knives are very portables and if made professionally then this knife performs extremely well and makes tasks easy in survival. The knife is very useful for giving presents on different occasions.

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

20 reviews for Almazan Custom Ox Horn Hand Forged Damascus Steel Frame Lock Folding Knife

  1. Rhonda Jenkins

    It is a beautiful knife without being ornate and gaudy Love Damascus steel! This knife is good-looking and fits well in the hand. The sheath is nicely done. Such a great knife! It’s built well and the Damascus on it is gorgeous. This is such a steal for the price!! I got it for my bf and he is obsessed! The seller was sweet and also sent an extra small folding knife with it, thank you so much!

  2. Cathy Levy

    Very comfortable to hold. My father was a knife collector and I’m a novice. My friend says it’s a “great knife” when I ask his opinion. I love that it’s Damascus steel. Overall it reminds me of the knives I looked at as a kid but wasn’t allowed to touch lol

  3. Paula Doyle

    It’s a very nice little knife. It’s small but crafted very well. I love the Damascus pattern. This is a great knife. The blade is strong and holds an edge. Have only sharpened once after taking it out of the box and have not needed to since. It is used regularly and has proven to be a very reliable old-timer-style knife.

  4. David Harris

    The craftsmanship is unlike anything I have ever seen. The blades are very sharp. The handles are very well assembled. Handle fits so good in my hands as well as my husbands. Over all one of the best quality knives I have seen. We will be a frequent buyer!

  5. Loren Ward

    A wonderful knife with a high-quality Damascus blade. It fits comfortably in my hands and the sharpener does a wonderful job keeping the blade razor-sharp.

  6. Pamela Barlow

    I really don’t know how you can offer such a beautiful knife for that kind of money, it’s a fantastic deal!!! The craftsmanship is unbelievable I love it and will be back for another or more Great Work I’m a craftsman and know what goes into a product like this, I am very proud, one beautiful knife

  7. Darnell Carnes

    First of all, I bought this knife for the sole purpose of work use. I’ve had it for a week and it has proven itself to be a very sturdy well-built piece. I am extremely happy with the quality and design. I would recommend getting this knife. They are a stronger knife design so all in all a worthwhile buy.

  8. Phyllis Tucker

    Very nice knife! Has a “weighty” feel to it. Seems to be very well made. Much better than the factory stuff at Walmart, etc. The details shown in the photos represent the nice workmanship very well. What doesn’t show in the pics as well as the beauty in the wood grain and Damascus steel blade. This was a gift my son added to his amazon wish list. I am a little envious of his new knife…think I might get myself one! I don’t normally take time for reviews but wanted to recognize a nice product… very pleased.

  9. Marcella Mowery

    The handle fits in the hand nicely. It came on time, sharp and well oiled. The action of opening and closing the knife is smooth. The Damascus is strong in this one. I highly recommend it. Extremely giftable

  10. Jenifer Garcia

    This is a beautiful pocket knife! It comes with a leather belt holder. It has a Damascus blade with a beautiful handle. Take time to care for the blade with light oil & I believe it will last a lifetime.

  11. Kenneth Ayala

    Came on time with everything advertised nicely and tightly packaged. It was well oiled for shipping and even came with easy-to-understand care instructions. Did not think it would be of such beautiful craftsmanship and quality but I was definitely mistaken. It is such a beautiful knife and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  12. Wilma Cramer

    This is a beautiful, hand crafted, hand forged knife with Damascus steel blades, and 100% black horn handle. The blade is sharp, I think I’m going to buy a few more with different handles. Hope this helped

  13. Angela McCray

    I have to say that this knife is top quality, better than I expected it to be. It is so well made and absolutely beautiful.
    Excellent value for the money.
    Knife: 5 Stars

  14. Ethan Rosales

    Excellent knife!! Bought it as a Birthday present for my Dad. Very nice workmanship. It is truly a pretty knife. Packed in oil so you do want to open it and clean it up before giving it as a gift but the oil is there to protect the knife. Damascus blade is very pretty. Great for any knife collector. Very happy with the purchase.

  15. David Laplante

    The attention to detail during the manufacture of the knife is obviously very good. I have several knives with Damascus blades, but this one is better than any of the blades of my other, more expensive knives. Overall, this knife and the items provided with it are more than worth the price I paid

  16. Emma Baker

    Product is great value for money, came sharp, takes a good edge being carbon, and has rustic craftsmanship to it that’s not perfect and is appreciated as such. This is a great knife to everyday carry and at a price point you won’t feel bad using it despite it’s classy looks

  17. Lillian Miller

    A very nice knife. The detail on the back spring was done very nicely. A great job was done on the fit of each part of the knife. No gaps. This is an ideal carrying size for everyday use.
    This is my first purchase, and like most, I’m skeptical of quality and function, until I get the product in hand to inspect it and handle it. his is a very sound, quality, product. I now will be making future purchases from Best. Buy Damascus for gifts that I know will please the receivers.

  18. Stuart Thompson

    I bought this as a gift for my husband. He has always wanted a Damascus blade. It took a long time to ship but ended up being delivered a day early. The actual knife is beautiful, looks way better than the pictures. The smaller steel blade knife that comes with it is just as good quality. The sheath is genuine leather and well made and the sharpener works well and quickly. A little hard to hold onto though. It came with care instructions also. Overall very pleased with the product well worth the price, great deal.

  19. Michael Cuadra

    Bought it for Christmas. I wanted something like this Damascus Steel. The knife is wonderful, operates smoothly and the Damascus pattern is gorgeous, the blade very sharp! The extra knife sent as a bonus I guess, is very hard to operate – it’ll take some work to get it to working smoothly so it easily opens and closes. But the product I bought – AWESOME Damascus!

  20. Mark Chaffin

    I ordered this knife for a friend for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and I think it is also quite stunning. My friend has used it to cut things and it looks to be quite sharp. I think it’s a great price for what you get. I have nothing but good things to say. Would recommend!

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