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Almazan Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife



Overall Length: 23 Inches
Blade Length: 14 Inches
Handle Length: 9 Inches
Handle Made Of Natural Tali Wood with Three Brass Pins.
Solid Built, Durable, Sharp with Hardened Cutting Edge.


Almazan Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife


Overall size: 23″
Blade size: 14″
Handle size: 9″
Model No: HS-2100
Blade Material: High carbon Steel
Handle Material: Natural Tali Wood
Scabbard: Genuine Leather Sheath

. 14″ Blade 9″Handle 23″ Overall Size.
. Knife measurements-weights are approximate and may vary from knife to knife.
. Comes with a Genuine Leather sheath which color may vary from the picture due to natural characteristics.
. Our knife has 3 Brass Pins on enforcing the handle to the full tang blade.

Product Description:
Almazan Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife is Solid Built, Durable, Sharp with Hardened Cutting Edge, heavy blade for ‘wilderness skills, chopping, hacking, tracking, and hunting. The build is what you expect from a Rugged, Adventure seeking, “Do it all”. This knife does not disappoint. This great knife is sharp and strong, making it the perfect companion to take outdoors whether you are camping or hunting. This big and strong knife can be used for cutting big through thick and thin bushes.

This is a well-designed and well-built knife that feels comfortable in the hand and allows you to perform any cutting task with ease. It has excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. The knife is large but light enough for long tours or any long trips and tough for all hunting or camping needs.

If you’re in search of a multi-dimensional knife to take with you on your next adventure and get you through any tough situation that you may encounter, Everything about this knife indicates a premium and quality product.

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Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 4 in

19 reviews for Almazan Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife

  1. George Mann

    Very impressive ’razor sharp’ knife!! I purchased it for my boyfriend, he loves collecting knives. He was so excited and satisfied with this hunting knife set when he received the package. We will definitely purchase from Almazan knives again. Highly recommend!

  2. Vivian Wall

    I am thoroughly impressed with this knife, as well as the makers… The craftsmanship is amazing…. perfect weight, feel, handling, the way they packaged it for shipping was top notch as well… I will definitely be buying more knives from them, and telling everyone I know…

  3. Joseph Wilkins

    This is a phenomenal hand forge knife. It’s made out of quality materials. The handle is absolutely stunning. The blade comes out of the box with a very nice edge. The added certificate of authenticity is also a very nice touch to go along with the knife. Overall very satisfied with the design and structure of the knife.

  4. Janet Britt

    Great knife. Well made.
    The sheath was one of the great selling factors; most knifes these days have cheap unusable sheaths.
    The knife itself is not only well thought out in its construction but also in its design.

  5. Mary Haas

    I didn’t buy it for me so I can’t speak too much about what I like or dislike. I got it for my husband because he loves that Netflix show “Forged in Fire.” He doesn’t hunt but he still loves to use it for everything from fishing to fixing the Jeep. He shows it off to everyone and everyone who sees it either purchases it or says they wish they had it.

  6. Joseph Wilkins

    I was honestly surprised at the same-day shipping! When I opened the package and looked at the knife, it truly is unique and well worth the money. Excellent craftsmanship, really a piece of art. Will definitely save this seller for future purchases.

  7. Dustin Lewis

    I was very pleasantly surprised how much I like this knife. It looks great, the sheath is very nice as well. The size is just perfect for a fixed blade hunting knife. I have large hands and I was very pleased with the size of the handle. This thing fits perfectly in a large hand. This would be a great gift for anyone that likes knives.

  8. Arthur Breese

    Awesome knife, great gift! Initially bought for myself and then bought another for my fathers birthday. Very high quality for the price, real Carbon steel, beautiful handle. I don’t think you could get anything better for the price.

  9. Michael fressy

    use them for cleaning deer and the quality was very good and my children who hunt were very impressed with them so much that I ordered another for myself. I love the weight and sturdiness of knives. Very well made and beautiful.

  10. Stephanie Nelson

    I just got mine today. Arrived quickly, was well packaged, and appears to be well constructed too (time will tell). I’m very happy with the craftsmanship of the knife itself but might shop around to find another sheath/scabbard which suits me better, one more versatile and less flashy. Overall, a great purchase.

  11. Todd Randall

    I was a little leery of purchasing this knife after reading some of the reviews but decided to buy it for my son ( who is 38 ) as a gift who loves hunting and outdoor activities. He absolutely loved and I could not be more pleased with the appearance and quality of the knife. The Carbon Steel blade is very unique and the handle though a bit large is well executed and fitted. I would not hesitate to purchase again from Almazan Knives.

  12. Vivian Wall

    It’s really true to what it is and very impressive. Its craftsmanship is amazing and it is Real Carbon steel and truly handmade. If you’re looking for a great quality knife at a very very reasonable price this is it guys and girls… Almazan knives.

  13. Karissa Goodson

    I bought this for a friends bday gift, and I nearly kept it for myself. The most beautiful and well designed knife I have ever seen. A true work of art. Awesome knife. It’s lighter than you would think, but very nice. Would recommend it

  14. Walter Lumpkin

    Absolutely beautiful knife! Great craftsmanship with an amazing edge. I highly recommend this knife for the hunter in your life, or if you are a hunter yourself. Makes a wonderful stocking stuffer. I never go hunting without it.

  15. Horace Maloney

    I bought the knife for my grandson. After I opened the box I nearly bought another for myself. As we used to say in the Army; you could cut your way out of a helicopter with this. Can’t believe it is not more expensive?

  16. Jonathan Nolasco

    I got this knife as a gift from a friend who loves hunting and I can say it is excellent. The knife had quite a bit of oil on it but I was able to wipe it with a paper towel. This came hair shaving sharp from the box and it is just beautiful. I got multiple compliments on it.

  17. Albert Cruz

    This is a beautiful knife. The craftsmanship and detail that has been added to it are absolutely stunning and in this case, you can tell it was handmade. This knife and I are going to have a wonderful relationship. Thank you, Almazan

  18. Cecilia Simpson

    This is an absolutely beautifully crafted knife. The carbon blade was amazing! I managed to buy one for myself and one as a gift before they sold out. The recipient of the gift was also very impressed. I think I’ll be displaying this blade instead of using it though.

  19. Bruce Michael

    Very impressed with this hunting knife and it’s actually real Damascus. Gave this to my son for Christmas, he is an avid hunter and absolutely loved the knife. Best knife he has ever owned.

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