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Ahote Handmade Stainless Steel Chef Knife With Leather Sheath



Overall size: 17″
Blade size: 12″
Handle size: 5
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Wood


Ahote Handmade Stainless Steel Chef Knife With Leather Sheath

This Knife made of high-quality stainless is a good choice for slicing, cutting, chopping or preparing meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, or even cheese. This is the only Knife you need. This 17″ inch Chef Knife is a comprehensive kitchen knife.No matter if you want to cut, dicing, slicing, or chopping, it has the extraordinary performance to help you cook in the kitchen. ULTRA SHARP BLADE – This knife is mainly treated with liquid metal at the edge of the blade, and the other parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. Also the sharp wide and long blade provides strength and balance. It also has amazing sharpness and wears resistance, performing beyond traditional advanced alloy and ceramic tools.

19 reviews for Ahote Handmade Stainless Steel Chef Knife With Leather Sheath

  1. Lisa Sandoz

    Love this knife. I’ve had crappy inexpensive knives, and I’ve had a couple of nice, more expensive knives. This fits the bill on 90% of what I’m cooking. Has a good weight to it without being overly heavy, nice sharp blade, hones well and hands its edge, and just is an all-around great knife. This is inexpensive and does its job well. I have recommended it to others.

  2. Dan Hanson

    This thing is absolutely beautiful, razor sharp, and works wonderfully. It came in a beautiful box with beautiful presentation and that is a great addition to my kitchen knives

  3. Thomas Tuttle

    This is a surprisingly high quality knife. I bought it because it was one of the cheaper options. But this knife not only looks fantastic, it feels quite sturdy. Time will tell how the handle and blade hold up but I can imagine not needing to replace this for years and years.

  4. Charles Farris

    The best paring knife I have ever owned. Be careful as it has a razor blade sharpness that is so easy to cut yourself with. I have already learned the hard way. Slices through potatoes, onions, and peppers like hot butter. Worth every dime because I won’t likely have to ever buy another one.

  5. Catherine Paradis

    This purchase is something that I will NEVER regret. My husband has large hands and does the majority of the cooking for our family. He loves that the knife fits in his hand nicely without feeling like he is overpowering the knife. He feels safe using it and he will literally find ANYTHING to use this knife to cut with. Happy buyer!

  6. Victoria Pulliam

    I was really surprised at the quality of this knife. I expected something cheaply mass-produced to look handmade, but this knife actually is made to last! I would recommend buying this knife! If it doesn’t work out it can always be returned however, I don’t think you will want to return it.

  7. Orville Jamison

    This knife is an excellent addition to any kitchen knife collection. It looks amazing is crafted beautifully and is as sharp as a razor with a very nice weight to it. Easy to hold and chop with… great butcher’s knife. The handle is actually extraordinary.

  8. Laura Chase

    We absolutely adore this knife and are so grateful to have it after many years of dull knives. I want to give one to each of my children for Christmas. We are having a love affair with this knife!! I’m pretty sure you need one too!

  9. Gladys Boyles

    I’ve got this knife in November, and have I used it once. Is not a carving or steak knife, but it worked very well on the Christmas rib roast. Is not heavy, slices nicely, and is of good quality. As I mentioned, only used it once so far, but I have no complaints about it. Good item for the price.

  10. Pamela Farmer

    I got this knife the other day and I love it so far! Its been extremely useful, for cutting meat as well as veggies. it’s extremely sharp and makes it easy to cut anything. It feels great in your hand and the wooden handle is a nice touch.

  11. Rose Bourgeois

    I love this chef knife! I’ve used it on fruit, squash, cheese, and meat. I can’t wait to see what else I can slice with it. It came out of the box in great shape and ready to use. I’m definitely ready to buy more Almazan products!

  12. Daniel Hadley

    I’ve always had knives from the big box which have never been great. I purchased this after looking for a decent chef’s knife at my son’s request. I wasn’t ready to spend hundreds on knife and after researching, I thought this was the best lower cost but still a good quality starting point. All I can say is WOW, a decent knife cuts amazingly. I will be looking for a good paring knife soon and will purchase Almazan Knives again.

  13. Stewart Helton

    This knife is incredibly sharp and effortless to use. As others have said, the quality is on par with much more expensive knives, and I find myself reaching for this over the others in my tool kit. I will definitely look to buy more in the future.

  14. Richard Murphy

    This is a very nice knife for the price. Felt good in my hand with a nice balance to it. Very sharp and well made. I have some very expensive knives that my son who is a chef has purchased for me and this one handles and cuts just as well. I would defiantly recommend it.

  15. Gladys Boyles

    What can I say! This is the sharpest knife I have ever held in my hand. First, it is so beautiful, like a piece of art. Then when tonight I used it for the first time, I cut the tenderloin with the hand feel of cutting a piece of Tofu! You don’t need to force, just put the edge on the meat, use its own weight, and slide. With this knife, I got the thinnest ginger slices I ever made: like tooth sticks! I feel like a master, a Chef! Oh, I love this knife and cutting everything in my fridge.

  16. Deidra Domingue

    Was tired of sawing my food and figured I would give this a try based on the reviews. So sharp I cut myself twice on the first use. I am not upset about that, just not used to having a chefs knife that works so well.

  17. Lillian Perez

    Got this for my boyfriend who does most of the cooking in our house. It was super sharp right out of the box. He said the weight and balance was incredible. Worth every penny!

  18. Mary Oswald

    This was a father’s day gift for my husband, as he gets the job of helping me dice and slice foods that are hard for me to handle. He was complaining about all the knives we have that aren’t sturdy enough to handle tough veggies and fruit. Now he breezes through them without using brute force. It has made food prepping a pleasure.

  19. Gordon Clark

    The knife is awesome. Somewhat large and very sturdy. Makes smooth, confident cuts with the very sharp blade. This knife is like no other! Completely threw away all the other junk knives in my house.

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